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Who we are
We are a medium-sized translation agency founded by two Charles University Prague graduates. We began as translators ourselves, and established our own agency after several years of practice.
Today we have around a thousand translators at our disposal, but it is our priority to make maximum use of a smaller number of core translators rather than work less frequently with a large number of co-workers.
Nonetheless we always keep an eye out for new and skilful translators. While the number of people who speak foreign languages is ever on the climb, the art of translation remains a relatively rare gift, even among those who have a top-notch understanding of a foreign tongue. Should you be interested in joining our team, do not hesitate to let us know.
New translators are selected on the basis of their knowledge, education and proven aptitude for translating challenging texts.
Our goal is to make sure our customers can have their documents translated without any anxiety, to see to it that they can say with ease, "Send it to Sarah and you’ll have it on your computer or on your desk tomorrow morning in full and ready to use."
We want to forge out long term partnerships and offer our customers more than just a translation of three hundred words. We want to come to know them and work with them over time to create the conditions necessary for our work to be flawless and their satisfaction, absolute.
Where internal procedure is concerned we try to ensure that even the shortest translation is made with the highest degree of care and professionalism.
Your team
Common courtesy demands a polite introduction. So this is who you will meet among us:
Martina Roeselová, PhD. is the founder of the Sarah agency and in addition to working here she is also dedicated to an academic career in the field of computer chemistry.
Vendula Šefrnová is the head of our office and the chief coordinator of translation work. When you come to us in all likelihood it will be her voice you will hear. She is also responsible for billing, so you can come to her with any questions regarding the invoices we issue.
PhDr. Zdena Zugarová is our newest colleague and despite this she has the most extensive experience. Currently she coordinates translations and serves as the main contact person for our largest client ČSOB.
Vojtěch Probst fills in for Mrs. Šefrnová in the afternoon and evening hours, when most people are at home but you are still at work, as are we. His reliability and composure in tense situations never ceases to amaze our customers or us.
Ing. Hynek Kocourek is our coordinator of interpretation work. He is himself an active translator and interpreter and takes care of our technology.
Mgr. Marek Roesel is a co-founder of our agency, its director and its driving force. It is his voice you will hear when you call in the night when normal people are asleep. Hence he is the right one to turn to when you have atypical requirements or any complaints.
Ing. Martin Felix became our business director as we found we cannot carry out without professional marketing any longer. His task is quite simple: every year to double the number of customers using our services.
David Vlach takes care of our accounting. He has been working in the agency since the very outset and has actively shared in all of its successes.
Ing. Jindřich Smrčina is our computer guru and sees to the security of all data, the reliable operation of all of our systems and the introduction of ever newer and better technology.
We are available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the week and all year round.
(+420) 222 327 185
(+420) 222 325 883
You can also reach us on our mobile phones, which you will find below. We would ask you to please respect the times given, which cover all reasonable hours of the day and night.
Vendula Šefrnová
+420 777 172 724
9:00 - 17:00
Vojtěch Probst
+420 777 320 693
12:00 - 20:00
Marek Roesel
+420 777 320 691
6:30 - 24:00 and 00:00 - 3:00


+420 226 808 808

+420 226 808 801

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